World IPv6 Day

Today is the international IPv6 day. This is an important day for IPv6 as it becomes a world-wide test for the functionality, feasibility, and potential impact it may have on the world. In my upcoming articles, I will be going over what IPv6 is, why we need it, and for geeky people, how to set up a tunnel broker to begin testing in their home networks.

It is important to understand that support by companies, ISPs and homes will be required to make this transition successful. Without demand from people, IPv4 will begin to run into issues as address pools at ISPs begin to deplete their resources for assigning addresses.

Companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Government Sites, and others are all participating in this event to help spread awareness. During this time, some sites may see some issues, but rest assured, by the end of the day, sites will be back to normal and IPv6 will have taken a big step towards implementation.

You can learn more @

You can see sites supporting IPv6 today @

You can also see detailed information on the status @

Stay tuned for upcoming articles about IPv6.

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